Who We Are

The company owes its origins to its founders, two brilliant Indian born IT professionals, namely Khais Ahmed Shaik and Fahed Ahmed Shaik, graduates of Bangalore University (B.E. Computer Science & Engineering) from HKBK college of Engineering and MSc. (Computer Science) from Derby University in the UK. They are the main inspiration behind this new, unique and commercially valuable live content delivery system called POPi. They started operating from a “cottage industry” set up in Bangalore and grown from its base in India to include offices and development partners in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Canada.

Today, INTELLICOMM SOLUTIONS is an innovative IT software and solutions company, with a specialty in the field of live-content delivery systems. Our general services focus on the development of customized software packages ranging from small to large business enterprises. Our commercial strategy is to work through strategic partnerships to enhance the value of our product and its reach globally.

We deliver innovative solutions to meet individual client needs in the evolving realities of today’s business climate. Our cutting-edge knowledge management and business process management solutions enable us to help our customers increase their business efficiency and to quickly and adaptively address new market opportunities and help them stay ahead of their competition.

Our Vision

The vision of Intellicomm Solutions is to be a leading supplier of creative computer, digital and software solutions for our business, design and creative clientele. Our vision for the future is an integrated set of core values and business principles that revolve around creative rigor, a disciplined work-ethic, a deep and lasting commitment to the agendas of our clients and to the environment.

Our Values

We consistently strive for excellence in our company ethic, our work, communication and relationships. At Intellicomm Solutions, our guiding values are:

  • Quality: We are dedicated to achieve the highest level of craft, service and expression in all our project solutions - in process, development, execution and delivery.

  • Respect: We uphold and cherish the self esteem and dignity of our employees and clients by creating and nurturing an open culture conducive for expression of views and ideas.

  • Innovation and continuous learning: We create an environment of innovation and learning that fosters a desire to excel and willingness to experiment. We believe that serendipity is as important as intentionality, and openness to new insights and ideas drives innovation and the leading edge of creativity.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork: We seek opportunities to build relationships and leverage knowledge, expertise and resources to create connections across people, disciplines and knowledge environments.

  • Social and Ethical Responsibility: We take utmost care to protect our natural environment and serve the communities in which we live and work. We believe that a commitment to our environment and to vibrant attitudes about sustainable business practices make us a better company.

Management Profiles


Museji is the founding Chairman of the company and has been appointed Executive Chairman by the Board of Intellicomm Solutions Limited. He has led change and organisational development in many large and complex organisations. A former senior civil servant at the UK Government’s Cabinet Office, he is now an active Non-Executive Director and has served on many government advisory boards and public bodies. He recently stood down after 6 years as Group Chairman of the Metropolitan Housing Partnership, a c. £275m and housing and regeneration organisation in the UK with c. £1.5billion of property assets. His is member of Board of OFSTED, the super-regulator for all children and adults learning, children’s care and skills in England, and a non-executive director on the Board of Gloucestershire Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust. Prior to this he was a Commissioner on the Government's health regulator, the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI); and was a member of the Governing Council and Executive of Ruskin College, Oxford.

A graduate of the universities of Cambridge, Bristol and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University (as a Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow); his professional career has spanned charities, local and central government, regulation of public services, as well as management consulting on economic and social planning.


Steve Lamb MBA, Fellow Institute of Directors (London) is a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Intellicomm Solutions and has been appointed Chairman designate of a new joint-venture company (WITH 3Ci Global Solutions LLC Texas, USA) specializing in security and related sectors which we are calling INTELLICOMM SECURITY SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Steve is a leader with a portfolio of capabilities who has delivered step change in the performance of major commercial and public organizations. He has held a number of senior roles (sales, consulting, and strategy) at the Oracle Corporation since 1988. Currently he is Senior Director for Strategic Technology as well as for Business Practice and Commercial Management with the Oracle Corporation where he is responsible for working across all Oracle lines of business to develop and exploit new strategic markets for Oracle on a global basis. Examples of programs currently underway include:

  • Safety and Security (Smart Cities, Safe Cities)
  • Educational and skills (Education Smart Spine)
  • Digital Media Platform
  • Health and Well Being platforms
  • Major event management.

Prior to joining Oracle he held senior roles in industry including as IS Director at the National Freight Consortium (NFC – AKA Exel Logistics), Technical Director Integrated Computer Technologies.

Steve holds a range of other senior Non-Executive Directorships including on the Group Board of Directors of Metropolitan Housing Partnership (MHP). MHP is a registered social landlord (RSL) and one of the largest in the UK. He is also Chairman of a subsidiary of an MHP called Granta; a business based in Cambridge. Granta develops and manages properties and provides care and support services to some of the most disadvantaged in our society.

He has been elected Chairman of the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership inspired Mid Berkshire Diamond, an economic development zone taking in 4 Local Councils (Reading, Bracknell, West Berkshire and Wokingham) and working with a variety of others stakeholders to increase the economic contribution of the area. This is one of the top performing economic areas outside the City of London. He is also a Director for Reading UK Community Interest Company (CIC), which is the economic development company for the town of Reading in the UK.


Khais Ahmed Shaik is, alongside his brother Fahed Ahmed, one of the founders of Intellicomm Solutions Limited. As the Chief Executive Officer, he defines the road map for technology and innovation. His focus has been on increasing competitiveness, developing global service models for POPi technology, developing the customer experience, improving employee engagement and increasing the depth of services. He specialises in the analysis of architecture related issues for multi-tier distributed systems with expertise on analysis, design, development and implementation of large multi-tier and distributed systems. Khais has been pivotal in the development of POPi.

Born August 16, 1977, Khais completed his post-graduation in Computer Networks from university of Derby, U.K. and Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Bangalore University. His expertise is onto DBA, Networking & Software evaluation.


Fahed Ahmed Shaik is the founder director of Intellicomm Solutions Ltd. As a Managing Director he plays a key role along with Khais Ahmed Shaik in defining the company strategy and in using technology and innovation continuously to maintain its company leadership in the industry. Professionally he leads on business systems analysis, project management facilitation, and system management and administration. Fahed’s added responsibilities at Intellicomm Solutions Limited include the design, development, implementation and support of information systems for clients in the consumer products for all global operations.

He began his career working for Biz pivot as a Software Engineer and later Joined Shifa Software Solutions U.K. Ltd as a Senior Business Development Manager. He received Master degree in Computer Science from Derby University in the year 2003 and Bachelors degree of engineering in Computer Science from Bangalore University in the year 2001.


CM Faiz is a business management graduate from Manchester University, with specialization in the field of finance and international business. Faiz has joined the company in an executive role leading the delivery of operations and directing our marketing efforts. A commercially savvy management professional and a successful entrepreneur in his own right, he has strong leadership qualities coupled with “hands-on” networking ability that has enabled him to build multiple related ventures in the field of construction, education and the software industry. As the Director of Express Construction his major roles are to define and initiate projects, and assign Project Managers to manage cost, schedule, and performance of component projects, while working to ensure the ultimate success of the project. He is also involved actively in the field of education as a board member of a group of engineering and degree colleges.


Mohammed Omer started as an articled clerk with Chalmers Impey (Auditors and Accountants). He is the Intellicomm’s finance and commercial lead. He combines his role with several Directorships; notably with Holt Whitney, a trading company exporting light engineering products, spare parts, industrial chemicals, commodities and the full range of medical supplies mainly to Africa but sourced worldwide. He is also advising on Acquisitions and Mergers for Pharma companies in the UK and India. A former Senior Trader with the Meridien Trade Corporation based in London.

He is a consultant adviser to Hysen International Ltd; a company involved in providing banking solutions in 5 African Countries. In the UK his public roles have included being Council Member for London Region Learning Skills Council. Also active in community development in London he is a committee member of Gardens of Peace Muslim Cemetery Trust, Vice Chair of Oaks Park Secondary School (Ilford, Essex) and Board Member of the Social Enterprise Loan Fund (TSELF).


David is Partner Harper Macleod LLP and is Company Secretary and principal legal adviser on the Board of Intellicomm Solutions Limited. He ran his own firm Clairmonts for almost twelve years before that firm was acquired by Bell & Scott LLP. David is rated by Chambers and Partners in the field of Franchising and is also legal adviser to the British Franchise Association in Scotland. David acts as Company Secretary for over 80 companies, including: MJM International (t/a Ultimo); Fashion Retail Academy; LEBC Group. David has also been Company Secretary for many retail companies, including: Sports Division; Birthdays; WEW Group; and Gadgetshop.


Professor Gardee MBE is a Non-Executive Director on the Boards of Intellicomm Solutions Ltd and Welltime Ltd. A former senior public health sector specialist he has worked within both developing and developed communities in Africa, United Kingdom (Scotland) and Canada. He is currently an honorary visiting Professor in International Health at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, and an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow. Rafik facilitates, where appropriate, our business development and networks globally.

He has over thirty years experience of working as a general practitioner, a Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Medical Director of Primary Health Care Unit and as the Founding Director for the National Resource Centre for Ethnic Minority Health in Scotland.

Through his consultancy company he specialises in international health, community action research, cross sectoral and inter-organisational relationships and infra structure support for integrated health and social care services at primary care level. His experience includes working with charitable organisations and foundations.

A graduate of the Royal College of Surgeon’s and Physicians in Ireland, he has specialised in public health through the Diploma in Public Health Medicine (awarded the Oppenheimer Trust Fellowship) and as a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine of UK and a Member of a similar faculty in Ireland.


Naeem leads Intellicomm’s business development activities in Canada. He also leads the company’s corporate marketing developments. A graduate in the field of management information systems and he was awarded a project management diploma from the Canadian Operational Research Society.

Naeem has varied work experience in both large and small enterprises. After working in the IT field, he followed his passion for community engagement for several years by working as the director of operations for a nation-wide human rights and anti-discrimination organization. He has recently broadened his experience beyond the non-profit sector, with a move to the retail industry as manager for a local Ottawa Business. Prior to this he has worked at the Government of Canada, Nortel and at the global software consultancy firm of Macadamian Technologies to name a few.

Why Work With Us

We are a customer-oriented company, whose primary objective is the successful, efficient and streamlined implementation of your project goals.We are a stable, reliable and qualified team of experts. Our project teams are grounded yet adaptable; they are professional while still approachable and accessible; they work with established, proven technologies while retaining a deep curiousity about new ideas and trajectories.

We work at reasonable costs, knowing full well the value of your time and your investment is not to be taken lightly. We do not compromise the quality of our work with the accessibility of our fees.We are technically advanced. We know technology and we make it work for you.We believe in unhampered communication. Continuous, productive discourse is essential.

Critical questions and inquiry are key drivers for our desire to always improve our work.Quality is a touchstone of our business ethic. No compromises.

We are globally located while remaining locally sensitive. We are a part of the broader fabric of the business and computer world, but we are also members of local communities of financial ecologies.We believe in total - A to Z - solutions. Projects – and relationships – do not exist in a vacuum.

Our charge to ourselves – with all our work – is the comprehensiveness of our approach to our clients and their projects.We believe in collaboration as a key component of financial and business success, and of ensuring good working and future relationships with our clients.

We are, first and foremost, a customer-oriented company. Our operative philosophy is to ensure that we make our process as accessible and transparent for our clients as possible. The following links more explicitly detail how we frame, manage and respond to our software development projects.

Start Up

We are committed to an ensuring as effortless as possible a project trajectory with Intellicomm Solutions. Once contacting Intellicomm Solutions, our staff and your dedicated team - including Executive staff, business and IT analysts, developers and software architects - will work with you to develop a comprehensive and total understanding of your individual project requirements, needs and schedule.

We believe in the importance of regular discussions, review sessions, and perhaps essentially, of asking questions, in order to develop inclusive and thorough project documentation. You will gain a fuller, richer and more detailed description of your business needs in a very short time-frame. We believe too, in effectively managing time and resources - both ours and critically, yours.

This documentation will clearly detail the business requirements of your your system, to make your review systematic, streamlined and labor-saving. Once agreed upon, we will prepare and propose an optimal technical solution - catering to the specific and individual ethos of your project.

These proposals can vary widely - from simple estimations of workload and project costs to a complete description regarding project architecture, technical analysis, TOC (Total Cost of Ownership) estimates, Design Critiques and so on. The initial estimation of the project is free and is usually developed within a few days.

Pivotal to any constructive business relationship is your security - particularly with regard to proprietary work. Before you deliver any project related information to us, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that protects your privacy and your intellectual property.

Business Model Option

Intellicomm Solutions offers a number of possible business models and agreements to our clients. They can include working through projects on a Fixed Time/Price Model, through a Time + Materials structure, or through the creation of a dedicated team (both on-shore and off-shore). Our teams are adaptive and flexible; we believe in the importance of creating not only a qualified group, but a dynamic team, capable of exceeding your expectations with your work.

Quality Policy

During the software development phase of a project, we implement a rigorous set of best practices that help us maintain a high level of quality in our solutions and services. Our minimal objective with our quality management is to ensure that it is always at par with the highest industry standards; with our expertise however, we continuously aim to exceed those expectations for all projects, regardless of financial or time constraints.

Project Flow

Intellicomm Solutions uses a fully documented software development process that is constantly being improved and updated. This enables us to successfully develop projects within your budget, time-frame - and with topnotch quality.

Stage One:Project startup: needs assessment, information collection and review. This portion of the project is approximately 5-10% of the total project.

Stage Two:Documentation and Specification development: detailed information collection, analysis, planning and creation of design and system architecture. This phase of the project is approximately 20-30% of the total project.

Stage Three:Development: This is the biggest part of the project, where most of the coding, development and testing of the project solution is performed, reviewed and verified. Stage three is approximately 50-70% of the project total.

Stage Four:Installation and Deliverables: Our work is delivered to you and the product is installed. This last stage is approximately 10% of total project time.


"Change the way, let’s innovate"

Yogesh Kumar Sharma, CTO Tayyarah

I love Travel Technologies be it GDS(Global Distribution Systems), Airline booking, Hotel bookings, Car Bookings, Ancillary Sales, Logistics, Airport handing .... lot more into my list so far.

Frankly speaking customer satisfaction is the key , be it your delivery system or an end user doing any transaction on your product, Everything needs to be FAST and 100% successful( In other case you should at least know what went wrong)

Intellicomm Solutions is based out of India with offices UK. We understand the needs of the travel market in diverse geographies and are uniquely equipped to deliver best in class products with our experts in technology. We make your presence in market on delivery date which help you to grow faster with time.

Our team has that unique blend of travel domain and technology expertise which has turn-out some of the most exciting travel technology applications. Our team has a dedicated focus on executing , scalable and reliable online products for our esteemed clients which finally helped them to grow faster.

Intellicomm Solutions has continuously proven itself by focusing on delivering world-class technology products for enhancement of travel industry. Our efforts are getting recognized by our clients in domestic and international market.